I Shall Urinate in the Men’s Bathroom!

I shall urinate in the men’s bathroom! I shall read Maxim magazine, I shall reclaim colors like blue and black, and maybe even green. I will drink beer while watching football, play Halo 3 with SK3W, confess to peers the worst of sins, while watching pornography too. I will shout the obscenest of words, likeContinue reading “I Shall Urinate in the Men’s Bathroom!”

Hello. Goodbye. Go fuck yourself.

Hello. Goodbye. Go fuck yourself beautiful. I want to tell you nothing. But I want you to feel something. The shame of being beautiful-ugly, fat-fit, hairy-exotic-homely fuck. Fuck you inevitable, fuck you future, fuck you destiny, (How many more times can I say fuck? I don’t fucking know.) The darkest part of myself is theContinue reading “Hello. Goodbye. Go fuck yourself.”

POW-etry! Or, Fighting with a Woman

It’s starts like a slow hum humhumhumhmmmmmm But then a feeling overwhelms you and the humhumhum feels more like a sickness in your stomach like a grrrrgurggroglegrr and the synapses in your brain begin firing rapidly electricly like a zzzzst zzzzst zzzzst You know something is happening, but, you didn’t leave anything behind when youContinue reading “POW-etry! Or, Fighting with a Woman”