Existence is Resistance


(Though this concept has been stated before, choosing to live, living the life you choose, and choosing to unforgivingly be yourself is resistance. So keep existing. Your presence will change the world. The dead have no use to us.)

Persian has no Pronouns

We do not address you
by a word that means nothing

Her name is more powerful
than their pronouns

We do not hide behind I
when expressing me

Do not take it offensively

They don’t understand this
His tryst
When it is he and she but not we

There is no power in you

They, us and we
are arbitrary

The man is she
and the woman is he
but we are it

Do not forfeit
to this
unnecessary metaphor


(Published in “Seven Countries Poetry Anthology” by Arroyo Seco Press 2017. Originally published on 06/17/2016)

Creative Creator

Where does your creative space go?

Mine seems to disappear sometimes.

Not sure where.

Sometimes she’s

gone for a long time

And then

why hello there


Glass Eye

Grayscale snapshots

out of focus

little capsules

vials of silver happiness

vivid living imagery

wondrous imitation

if only to know the world

and wander in it.