Decision Outlets: A Series of Dichotomous Images

Series 1 A flower blooms in a tar pit. A thirsty fly drowns in paper. A silk nightgown on rain clouds. A carbonated flat tire.   Series 2 An illuminated copper shoe. A spilling sapphire receding behind prawns. A giraffe swimming in a shot glass. A dichotomous hippopotamus on house arrest. A long-sleeved homeless tapeContinue reading “Decision Outlets: A Series of Dichotomous Images”

Who are the People that would Believe Me?

Who are the people that tell you yes? Who are the people that tell you no? Who are the people that tell you to be? Who are the people that tell you to be anything but? Who are the people that make you? Break you? Throw you? Lift you? Who are the people that areContinue reading “Who are the People that would Believe Me?”

Psychopathic Passive Aggressive Notes to Myself

Two socks, neither are mine. Your fridge approached me the other day. It was an unwelcome advance. You conduct an abnormal amount of static electricity. I am quite tired of your electrical current. Where did you put the key to that memory? Fuck you brain for phantom pain! I see that you have failed toContinue reading “Psychopathic Passive Aggressive Notes to Myself”

“On Written Knowledge”

(Continuation of “On the Writing Process”) Writing knowledge. Knowledge of writing. Writing about Knowledge. Knowing how to write. Wait, I think the last one is different. Knowledge: (n.) “Information and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject” (Webster’s Dictionary). Hmm, perhaps the last one is not so different.Continue reading ““On Written Knowledge””