White Rabbit

My eyes blinked furiously as my brain attempted to comprehend the bright presence. I tried to speak in all tongues, but I could only emit wails. My nervous system jolted as heat coursed through me. I attempted to escape the surge of physical spasms, but I was confined to my form. Alas, my worst fear,Continue reading “White Rabbit”

Keep Digging

            My grandfather had a hard life growing up. Living in an orphanage until the age of 18, he continuously worked odd jobs that never lasted very long. Supporting his family was one of the hardest things my grandfather ever had to do, but he was a hard working man whoContinue reading “Keep Digging”

Frightening Snowflakes

Imagine a snowflake. No. A real one. One you held in your hand as a child. A kiss of cold. Yes, exactly. Even if you have never held a snowflake, I’m assuming that you didn’t just sit there blankly. Staring at these words. Thinking of nothing. I’m sure you at least tried to imagine whatContinue reading “Frightening Snowflakes”