“Crying Space” and “Gnarled and Naked”
Women Writing Berlin Lab: “Movement” (2020)

The Ghosts of Berlin:
Die Geister von Berlin
(A Series of Horror Stories & Poems)

What’s Afghan Punk Rock Anyway?!: Issue II: Love (2019)

“I Hunt Men at Night” & “Pretentious Bitch”
Coven Berlin: Lymph (2019)

“Violent Green Synthesis,” Velvet Pipe Tobacco,” & “Vehemently Voracious”
Picture Show Press: V: An Anthology of Poetry (2019)

Velvet, vixen, villain, vinyl, veil … This powerful anthology contains poems that primarily explore naming, love, #metoo, wordplay, and nostalgia.

“Tag der Deutschen Einheit: A Letter to Freedom”
Berlin and Her Places (2018)

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