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It seems that you have stumbled upon this site, for which I have no answer as to why you are here. All I have for you are more questions. Questions upon questions upon questions. So, if you don’t want to think, or you expect some kind of answer, then run little one. Run very quickly away. For this is not the place for you, and you have stumbled into an ever expanding mind with no foreseeable exit.

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Giving People Their Space in Public

The strange sensation of giving space in public
even now don’t give it to me


Give me this
and give me my space in public

the space to freely move this body
through the street
engaging in ____ repetition
Repeat this monstrous rhythm
within this entrapped tradition of
moving through the physical space

Give me this because I will gratuitously give you

this space


your voices echo
up these walls
and through the subway

I give you

this space

would you kindly give

When, If, and Not

When you date the man you’re going to marry,

only to realize you don’t want to be married.

When you love the woman you wish you could be,

only to realize you could never be loved.

When you kiss someone goodbye,

only to realize you were saying hello.

When you break your heart,

only to realize it never needed mending.

When you hold someone close,

only to realize you pulled them through you.

When you become a parent,

only to realize you are barren.

When your adjectives become the adverbs of the actions

you wish you could perform.

I Am the Square that Moves Like a Circle

I am skeleton buildings and pallet furniture

I am insulated under armor

I am a loophole on repeat

I am pinto beans and pineapple rings

Consummation of voracious cultural consumption

I am a threshold

A door frame that presents the

Pretty picture of me

For the rest of the world to see

Because I am a square that moves like a circle

But squares are not supposed to move like circles

They are sturdy and unmoving

There are 4 corners

And 4 sides

4 90 degree angles

Which is the exact circumference of a circle

We are never as we appear

Because we have so much potential symmetry

Stamp Collector

Run you ragged and leave you on the floor

coming down from a gnarly cocktail of drugs and debauchery.

The onlookers grin because they have undoubtedly been there before,

possibly even yesterday,

and there’s no distinction

between the week or weekend,

between opening and closing.


there’s no distinction for closing times because

bars and clubs


which is a common mistake

the amateurs make.

Starting strong in the beginning and

assuming that the venues and owners have

your best interest in mind

which is foolish

because they already have your money.

As if they would flick their lights and corral you

out into the morning light,

like good little paying penguins, but


because for every stupid penguin that falls off the cliff,

there is always another eagerly waiting to

take the plunge.


stand in line little penguin.

Pay, plunge, and

earn your stamp.

Getting that D!

This is so sloppy
and I like it.

Please help me fix the horrible mistake I’ve made tonight!

You’re the only one I love … right now anyway.

I want to put as much of you inside me as possible.

Should I brush my teeth after this?

I’m gunna hide what’s left of you in the trash because I’ve had you three times this week, and I can’t have my sober self finding you again.

I’m going to make everyone try you especially my Mom.

I love you döner kebab.

Letter to the Privileged White Man

I know you feel
to this space
and that
my time is
less valuable
than yours,
you are foolish
& ignorant
I will
immortalize you
on the page
and this
will haunt you
just as I
have been
by the
privileged white man.

Heimat who Lives in a Box

My friend Heimat lives in a box which she wears everywhere we go. It constantly causes conflicts when making dinner reservations. The last time we made a dinner reservation, after crossing the threshold of the restaurant, she grew larger than the door continuously banging into the door frame. She grew embarrassed and shriveled down to a matchbox. I picked her up, kissed her, walked in, and was escorted to our table.

The service was horrible or maybe we were never supposed to be there. The other guests closed their eyes as they ate, and the waitstaff’s heads were always transfixed on our position regardless of where their bodies were moving. When the food arrive, it was cold and had a hair in it.

I signaled the waiter to explain the poor state of the meal.

“Nicht mein Problem,” they retorted and handed me the check.

I looked at the total as the numbers fell off the table. I whispered to Heimat who opened her matchbox, and I climbed in and fell asleep. When I awoke and climbed out, the restaurant was closed and everyone was gone.

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