Projects & Workshops

I have had the honor of creating workshops and developing projects for internationally award wining director Vivienne Li, BIWOC* Rising, GLADT e.V., Feminist Film Organizations, Deutsche Welle Akademie, Engagement Global GmbH: Glen ReNew, Women* Writing Berlin Lab, Disobedient Circumstances Fem DJ Collective, Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar, Colectivo Janainas, Saddleback College, Cerritos College and California State University San Marcos.


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Support f(x) Awareness Presents: Club Awareness and Safety Educational Video

The video seeks to represent distress signs for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC partiers through a funny and interactive Clubline (airline) instructional video. By informing the club community about what to look out for, clubbers can protect themselves and each other. Let’s create a fully present space where we are fully free, united, and safe because we made it that way.

A WWBL collaborative Project and Publication with director Viv Li of Two Mountains Weighing Down My Chest

Our relationship with our breasts can be complicated. From maturity to maternity, to liberation and repression, women’s bodies and the portrayal of breasts have been everything from beautiful high art to rampant sexualized fetishization. For some, it’s a representation of femininity and growing into adulthood. For others, it’s a reminder of your gender and imposed sexualization. Culturally, some are told to cover up, or the bigger the better, or to tape them down. Some of us hate our breasts or love them. Some of us don’t want any or are waiting for the appointment. But all of us have had to come to terms with them in one way or another. Or maybe we haven’t. That’s exactly what this publication is about. The complicated overlapping and complexities of breasts on our identity and journey.

Past Projects and Workshops

Writer’s Lab of Los Angeles Creative writing workshops
(Creator & Teacher)
California, U. S. A.

“Major and Occupational” Workshop
Saddleback College, March 2016
Presented the “What Can You Do with a Degree in English?” workshop for incoming Freshmen introduced in the English major and occupational pathway. Participated in Q&A panel with other professional colleagues allowing students to ask panel members questions with relations to their specific field.

WOW Student Workshop Week
Saddleback College, January 2016
Presented the “Making a Good Impression” workshop assisting students in drafting statements of purpose and diversity statements for UC and CSU transfer applications.

Student Workshop Week
Cerritos College, January 2016
Presented the “Teaching Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Emphasize Individual Student Accountability and Responsibility” workshop teaching teachers and students pedagogical methods to emphasize individual student accountability and responsibility. Such methods including the ability to teach students how to identify and correct grammatical and syntactical mistakes, keeping students motivated to complete class readings, as well as learning how to appropriately revise and edit their own essays. 

Student Centered Community Development Program
Lifeline Education Charter High School, September 2014
Established and coordinated Career Development events, Anti-Bullying Program, and Performing Arts club.

Master’s Thesis Conference
CSU San Marcos, April 2014
Presented Master’s thesis “Human (Re)Defined: The Problematic (Dis)Connection between Bodily Representations and Consciousness. A Personal Narrative of Literary Theories and Texts” redefining “human” beyond the obsolete paradigm of gendered humanity to include all consciousness without conformity to bodily representations.

College Reading and Learning Association Training Workshop
CSU San Marcos, September 2013 & January 2014
Presented the “Hands Off My Paper” workshop training writing center tutors the Socratic questioning method allowing students to identify patterns in their own writing.

Literature in Translation Conference
CSU San Marcos, September 2013
Presented “My Dear, My Love, My Walnut: The Pains of Translating Persian Poetry” thesis translating and understanding cultural contexts of Persian poetry.

Composition and Rhetoric Conference
CSU San Marcos, January 2013
Presented “Please Won’t You Participate” thesis analyzing and discussing how to improve student participation and involvement in college courses.

Transatlantic Literature Conference
CSU San Marcos, November 2012
Presented “Colman, Bannister, and the Financial Motivations of the Banking Bastard” thesis analyzing how Colman represents the financiers and the hybridity of the trans-Atlantic culture.

Single Subject Technology Workshop
CSU San Marcos, September 2011/January 2012/September 2012
Presented the “How to Incorporate Video Games in the Classroom” workshop assisting teachers in utilizing technology and video games into English common core curriculum.