We find beauty in the imperfect,
not the perfect.
Beloved artistic works
were often
of their time.

Michelangelo’s David’s
hands and head are
too large for his

when we stand
at the base
looking up,
to us,
he appears perfect.

We have always seen beauty in the
from                   our

imperfection             is perfection.

As I Have

How is it that you have been in my dreams?

Have you lived them too?

As I have?

Woken up

by the tears

streaming down my face

as I have?

Woken up by

a lock jawed smile

as I have?

Flown to indescribable universes

only to return to a body in a bed

as I have?

New Year’s Time Birth

different first steps
present tense unused
initiate motion
do something shiny
never opened ending
action original
unique verb birth
start creative engine
solar restart
seasons & signs
cycles initiate motion
never opened measurements
unused annual ignition
lunar light yield
time birth
start doing something human

Existence is Resistance


(Though this concept has been stated before, choosing to live, living the life you choose, and choosing to unforgivingly be yourself is resistance. So keep existing. Your presence will change the world. The dead have no use to us.)