Frightening Snowflakes

Imagine a snowflake. No. A real one. One you held in your hand as a child. A kiss of cold. Yes, exactly. Even if you have never held a snowflake, I’m assuming that you didn’t just sit there blankly. Staring at these words. Thinking of nothing. I’m sure you at least tried to imagine what it would be like, feel like, taste like. Do you see what I made you do there? I just made you an imaginary memory. Maybe I just elicited it. Frightening isn’t it? To believe so much so that these words that are reading these words are your own. But they are not yours. They are mine. Even now, it may sound like you, think like you, even believe to be you. But that voice reading this to you right now, is mine. I control it and I can put anything I want here. Frightening isn’t it?

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