Creative Creator

Where does your creative space go?

Mine seems to disappear sometimes.

Not sure where.

Sometimes she’s

gone for a long time

And then

why hello there


Aus verdammter Fleck


(Continuing my exploration of blending  language, form, and art, “Aus verdammter Fleck” from Shakespeare’s Macbeth auf Deutsch written in the palm of Lady Macbeth)

Girl and Frog


(I have become fascinated by the blending of language, form, and art. Here is a short story written and visually represented simultaneously. It reads: When I was a little girl, I was visited by a frog in my garden.)

Glass Eye

Grayscale snapshots

out of focus

little capsules

vials of silver happiness

vivid living imagery

wondrous imitation

if only to know the world

and wander in it.