“The Girl who Melted”

My tits are melting. My armpits are melting. My eyes are melting. I’m producing more fluids than an orgy and feeling far less sexy. Do people ever truly feel sexy in an orgy? Do people ever truly feel sexy when they’re melting? sexy metal melting hashtags of heat extra savory salaciousness twisted twilights never endingContinue reading ““The Girl who Melted””

Never Thought

I never thought I’d live this long As a queer, AIDS or God’s wrath. As a women, domestic violence, if not, domestic servitude As an Iranian-American, target for a hate crime As a ‘passing’ Iranian-American, a 9-5 life and a Mercedes would have done it Not to mention — Let’s not mention it. I just Continue reading “Never Thought”

Decision Outlets: A Series of Dichotomous Images

Series 1 A flower blooms in a tar pit. A thirsty fly drowns in paper. A silk nightgown on rain clouds. A carbonated flat tire.   Series 2 An illuminated copper shoe. A spilling sapphire receding behind prawns. A giraffe swimming in a shot glass. A dichotomous hippopotamus on house arrest. A long-sleeved homeless tapeContinue reading “Decision Outlets: A Series of Dichotomous Images”