Psychopathic Passive Aggressive Notes to Myself

Two socks, neither are mine. Your fridge approached me the other day. It was an unwelcome advance. You conduct an abnormal amount of static electricity. I am quite tired of your electrical current. Where did you put the key to that memory? Fuck you brain for phantom pain! I see that you have failed toContinue reading “Psychopathic Passive Aggressive Notes to Myself”

You’ve Got a Friend in Your Split Personality

I am very lucky to have friends who understand the psychosis, who fuel it, and support it through a creative medium. Here is a collaborative zene talking about our inner monsters. (Special thanks to: Adrianna Sauceda, Donovan VimCrony, Toni Neezy. Dear friends, if I missed you, let me know your tag and I will beContinue reading “You’ve Got a Friend in Your Split Personality”

Experiment 27 ½: Rain and Washing Machines

After many experiments, I have officially concluded that, in fact, these are the sounds of the rain and washing machines as best can be represented by human speech! Rain 1. Shlip-Splop 2. Blink-Tink 3. Vavoom 4. Pink-Plink 5. Stop-Slop 6. Crinkle-Crack Washing Machine 1. Shimy-Shake 2. Sixes 3. Broth 4. Viscous 5. Seepage 6. WorcestershireContinue reading “Experiment 27 ½: Rain and Washing Machines”

Hello. Goodbye. Go fuck yourself.

Hello. Goodbye. Go fuck yourself beautiful. I want to tell you nothing. But I want you to feel something. The shame of being beautiful-ugly, fat-fit, hairy-exotic-homely fuck. Fuck you inevitable, fuck you future, fuck you destiny, (How many more times can I say fuck? I don’t fucking know.) The darkest part of myself is theContinue reading “Hello. Goodbye. Go fuck yourself.”