“On Writing”

Writing. Wrighting. Right-Wing. Rrrright-Ing. -Ing, -ing, -ing like an annoying ping, ping, ping. What the hell is it? It’s like trying to get a direct answer from a philosopher. Confusing and unattainable yet entirely adaptable and personal. Don’t judge my writing! Otherwise it means you don’t like me. But, I must learn to separate theContinue reading ““On Writing””

Three Days Short of a LAN’s Tale

It’s been three days now since sounds of war began bombarding the walls of my living room. The thunderous bass triggered by the sounds of grenades detonating. The shouts of the participants rises in panic at the anticipation of a bomb being diffused. The girl sitting on the couch has been witnessing this exact spectacleContinue reading “Three Days Short of a LAN’s Tale”

Drown (Or, Learning How to Swim the Hard Way)

I’m suffocating. I can’t breathe. They tell me it’s easy. They tell me it’s natural. They¬†tell me inhale, exhale inhale deep breaths. But how can you breathe when you are drowning? How can you breathe below the surface? Wading beneath the waters, watching the colors dance on the viscous curvature, sensual mockery, “See how easy?”Continue reading “Drown (Or, Learning How to Swim the Hard Way)”

26 Sick Days

Dear Professor, I am unable to make it to class today because it is raining, and I cannot afford the proper shoes. Dear Professor, I did not attend class because your comments were hurtful. I hope to complete the course and attain the necessary credits from afar. Dear Professor, I didn’t want to disappoint youContinue reading “26 Sick Days”

White Rabbit

My eyes blinked furiously as my brain attempted to comprehend the bright presence. I tried to speak in all tongues, but I could only emit wails. My nervous system jolted as heat coursed through me. I attempted to escape the surge of physical spasms, but I was confined to my form. Alas, my worst fear,Continue reading “White Rabbit”