T.A.N.T.I. Tables. Season 2, Episode 5: Code Switching x Synergizing (podcast)

For those of you who missed my interview and performance on Wednesday, here is the Tanti Table: Code Switching x Synergizing podcast. If you are bummed that you missed the interview/performance, check this out! Writer, educator, and newly published poet, Allia Sadeghipour joins us this week at the Tanti Table, where we bring together theContinue reading “T.A.N.T.I. Tables. Season 2, Episode 5: Code Switching x Synergizing (podcast)”


GOT PUBLISHED!!! I am so honored to be a part of this amazing publication and have not stopped crying in appreciation for someone seeing, not only my work, but me. Thank you so much @Armeghan Ta. Thank you for giving me a platform where I can be myself and to be a part of thisContinue reading “GOT PUBLISHED!!!”

Privilege of the Assimilated

Exoticism masquerades itself in a compliment And I am just another colonial conquest My vagina is their Manifest Destiny Assimilation is the castration of culture Going home is not a possibility You diasporic dysfunction Sexually repressed and socially excluded Am I just another notch on the Belt of fetishized categories

Cinema Rex

AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE HERE!!! ONLY $12!!! (Published in “Seven Countries Poetry Anthology” ” via Arroyo Seco Press 2017) (Originally published on 06/03/2016. Image transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by BanyanTree using CommonsHelper.; source: http://abadan.net, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6081274)

Madreseh مدرسه

Salem alehcon madreseh sharood shod the white shal was never stifling. familiar dust and the deep smell of roses. little girls all in rows. But how can my Baba see me? How does he know I am his little girl? The one in blue? The one with the rose? Nikes! Nikes! Over Here! Man enjaContinue reading “Madreseh مدرسه”

“On Writing in Iran”

(Continuation of “On Writing”) The callus had formed a long time ago having never had the opportunity to heal. The pressure of every pen and pencil. The physical presence of every written assignment embedded into a small hard mound on my middle finger. In Iran, my teacher believed that the best way to learn aContinue reading ““On Writing in Iran””