POW-etry! Or, Fighting with a Woman

It’s starts like a slow hum


But then a feeling overwhelms you and the


feels more like a sickness in your stomach

like a


and the synapses in your brain begin firing rapidly

electricly like a

zzzzst zzzzst zzzzst

You know something is happening,

but, you didn’t leave anything behind when you left

and you haven’t brought anything back with you.

But the bell goes


And whether you’re ready for it or not

she’s huffing and puffing,

wanting to spill some blood.

Who likes a clean floor anyway?


you make the fatal mistake of speaking first

which comes out sounding more like



You brace for impact,

but you’re not ready.

She won’t need gloves for the blows she’s about to deliver.



That’s it?


Do you even remember what happened?


She pauses

silent and staring

delivering a


You don’t even listen.


You don’t even know me.


When was the last time you showed me that you even cared?


The synapses in your brain are overworked

slowing to a sparking

tsz tsz tsz tsz tsz

before you short circuit

she delivers the


Do you even love me?

Published by Allia (A.E.) Sadeghipour

Allia (A.E.) Sadeghipour is a Queer Iranian-American Surrealist, Humanist, President, Producer, Performer, Artist & Educator. She is the President of the Women* Writing Lab Berlin (WWLB), has taught workshops for GLADT and Feminist film organizations, and is currently in Drag King training. Her work has been featured in: The Bear: Favorite Storyteller (2018 & 2020), KCRW and the Goethe Institute (2018 & 2020), What's Afghan Punk Rock Anyway?! (2019), The Ghosts of Berlin: Der Geister von Berlin (2019), Literarische Diverse (2019), Teach the Rainbow: Insights from LGBTeachers about Queer Visibility (2020), and much more. She has had the honor of performing for Pop-Kultur, the Humboldt Forum, GLADT, Wicked, Nightschool Berlin, Viva Con Aqua, the IDP Collective, Media for Change, Refuge Worldwide, and the Iranian Re(connect) Festival. By sharing her narratives and perspectives, she hopes to reach out to the world and introduce them to hers. By sharing her narratives and perspectives, she hopes to reach out to the world and introduce them to hers: www.awerfjil.com.  @awerfjil #awerfjil

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