Experiment 27 ½: Rain and Washing Machines

After many experiments, I have officially concluded that, in fact, these are the sounds of the rain and washing machines as best can be represented by human speech! Rain 1. Shlip-Splop 2. Blink-Tink 3. Vavoom 4. Pink-Plink 5. Stop-Slop 6. Crinkle-Crack Washing Machine 1. Shimy-Shake 2. Sixes 3. Broth 4. Viscous 5. Seepage 6. WorcestershireContinue reading “Experiment 27 ½: Rain and Washing Machines”

26 Sick Days

Dear Professor, I am unable to make it to class today because it is raining, and I cannot afford the proper shoes. Dear Professor, I did not attend class because your comments were hurtful. I hope to complete the course and attain the necessary credits from afar. Dear Professor, I didn’t want to disappoint youContinue reading “26 Sick Days”

School, Guitar, and Death

I could hear the simple melody from afar. Correction: I could see it. Beautiful blue electricity crossed my vision. As I walked across the campus and passed the sun-bleached green picnic tables, the colors danced enticing me to follow. Sensuous electric fingers pleading and pulling. On the concrete steps, sweating in the sun, sat aContinue reading “School, Guitar, and Death”

Because, because, because

Why? I don’t know. Why? Bored? No. You? Maybe. Then, why? Because I have to. Why? To breathe, to smile, to live, to sleep, to hush the voices, to feel normal But, why? Why does anyone? Have we switched roles? Have we? You can’t switch roles when you only have one to play. Why? Don’tContinue reading “Because, because, because”