Never Thought

I never thought I’d live this long As a queer, AIDS or God’s wrath. As a women, domestic violence, if not, domestic servitude As an Iranian-American, target for a hate crime As a ‘passing’ Iranian-American, a 9-5 life and a Mercedes would have done it Not to mention — Let’s not mention it. I just Continue reading “Never Thought”


GOT PUBLISHED!!! I am so honored to be a part of this amazing publication and have not stopped crying in appreciation for someone seeing, not only my work, but me. Thank you so much @Armeghan Ta. Thank you for giving me a platform where I can be myself and to be a part of thisContinue reading “GOT PUBLISHED!!!”

The Women’s Almanac of Personal Questions (Now with Answers!)

Why should I apologize for queefing? You shouldn’t. Say it was a fart, the cat, an old boot, the sound of the patriarchy dying, or, better yet, say it was your vagina and then be proud of your squeaky balloon pocket. What should be done about my unkempt muff? Nothing. If you can grow itContinue reading “The Women’s Almanac of Personal Questions (Now with Answers!)”


“Violent Green Synthesis,” Velvet Pipe Tobacco,” & “Vehemently Voracious”Picture Show Press: V: An Anthology of Poetry (2019) Velvet, vixen, villain, vinyl, veil … This powerful anthology contains poems that primarily explore naming, love, #metoo, wordplay, and nostalgia.

Privilege of the Assimilated

Exoticism masquerades itself in a compliment And I am just another colonial conquest My vagina is their Manifest Destiny Assimilation is the castration of culture Going home is not a possibility You diasporic dysfunction Sexually repressed and socially excluded Am I just another notch on the Belt of fetishized categories

Vaginas are Coffee

I have learned this, I am educated, and, therefore, it must be fact. Vaginas are coffee consumable when cold, warm, iced, or far above the legally consumable limit served sweet, bitter, and/or a little milky (maybe very milky) fat-whole-soy-a little bit of skim add a little bit of flavor and stir the stick swirl the spoonContinue reading “Vaginas are Coffee”