White Rabbit

My eyes blinked furiously as my brain attempted to comprehend the bright presence. I tried to speak in all tongues, but I could only emit wails. My nervous system jolted as heat coursed through me. I attempted to escape the surge of physical spasms, but I was confined to my form. Alas, my worst fear,Continue reading “White Rabbit”

Frightening Snowflakes

Imagine a snowflake. No. A real one. One you held in your hand as a child. A kiss of cold. Yes, exactly. Even if you have never held a snowflake, I’m assuming that you didn’t just sit there blankly. Staring at these words. Thinking of nothing. I’m sure you at least tried to imagine whatContinue reading “Frightening Snowflakes”


In October, I tried drawing a picture. I worked on one piece of paper at a time never determining an end result focusing only on the piece in front of me. Interestingly, after putting all the pieces together, I realized I had actually created an image. It seems my mind had put the pieces together long beforeContinue reading “Puzzling”