Ha! Poetry

Ha! Poetry is what? Comparing a flower to the complexity of a woman’s face? Taking the magnificence of a sunset and lowering it down to the level of a canvas’s paints? Or taking something catastrophic like a combusting star and comparing it to a high schooler’s day? Or is it the ability to rhyme? To be ableContinue reading “Ha! Poetry”

Cinema Rex

AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE HERE!!! ONLY $12!!! (Published in “Seven Countries Poetry Anthology” ” via Arroyo Seco Press 2017) (Originally published on 06/03/2016. Image transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by BanyanTree using CommonsHelper.; source: http://abadan.net, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6081274)

Who Were You?

The silk nightgown hung loose ending just above your knees as you frantically run between bedroom and closet. You have a house now, all your own. And two dogs, all your own. You’re not married, but you were never one for emotionless paperwork. You have five children, just like your mother. And you can makeContinue reading “Who Were You?”

I Shall Urinate in the Men’s Bathroom!

I shall urinate in the men’s bathroom! I shall read Maxim magazine, I shall reclaim colors like blue and black, and maybe even green. I will drink beer while watching football, play Halo 3 with SK3W, confess to peers the worst of sins, while watching pornography too. I will shout the obscenest of words, likeContinue reading “I Shall Urinate in the Men’s Bathroom!”

Goodbye: Khoda Hafez

It was about seven o’clock in the morning in the year 1993 when my mother decided to sit me down at the faded yellow picnic table that we used as a dinning room table. I remember sitting there on the hard wood chair and giggling softly as the chair rocked back and forth due toContinue reading “Goodbye: Khoda Hafez”