The Women’s Almanac of Personal Questions (Now with Answers!)

Why should I apologize for queefing? You shouldn’t. Say it was a fart, the cat, an old boot, the sound of the patriarchy dying, or, better yet, say it was your vagina and then be proud of your squeaky balloon pocket. What should be done about my unkempt muff? Nothing. If you can grow itContinue reading “The Women’s Almanac of Personal Questions (Now with Answers!)”

Giving People Their Space in Public

The strange sensation of giving space in publiceven now don’t give it to me DON’T Give me thisand give me my space in public the space to freely move this bodythrough the streetengaging in ____ repetitionRepeat this monstrous rhythm within this entrapped tradition ofmoving through the physical space Give me this because I will gratuitouslyContinue reading “Giving People Their Space in Public”

I Am the Square that Moves Like a Circle

I am skeleton buildings and pallet furniture I am insulated under armor I am a loophole on repeat I am pinto beans and pineapple rings Consummation of voracious cultural consumption I am a threshold A door frame that presents the Pretty picture of me For the rest of the world to see Because I amContinue reading “I Am the Square that Moves Like a Circle”

Ode to a Piece of String

Such joy and torment can befound in a piece of string Hours of sheer blisspawing at the airmoments of sickening tormentas you pull softlydigit over digit Such power in a piece of string! We can string things togetheror string them alongSomething to never forgetOr never rememberBinding for maintenancepain or pleasure Strung out or strung up?Continue reading “Ode to a Piece of String”