Cyclobenzaprine: (Noun) A muscle relaxant used for muscle spasms or acute injury

Apparently, I have a cute injury

but the diagnosis doesn’t match the damage.

Damaged road ahead.


Scurvy crew working.

What? I didn’t know the city paid for that.

Bunnies on the moon huh?


Then I could never live there because of my

horrendous allergy.

Thanks for the idea Sargent Newt.

What is to be done about unblinking cats?

Perhaps they think I am a magician.

Little dogs have no place in a big dog’s conversation.

Cats don’t even speak their language.

My water is 100% H2O

(Which has been officially disproven by scientists)

fully loaded with electrolytes and

concentrate from Argentina/China.

Am I even drinking water anymore?

The sciatic nerve runs along the lower back

across the gluteus maximus region.



Can one be a fan of bread

but not a fan of Bread, capital B

while still being a fan of Breadfan?

In some cases of Autism,

the patient has an inability to communicate with humans

but can excel in communicating with computers.

Some days,

I would prefer to converse with a computer

rather than with cursory characters.

Hello Hal.

Hallelujah Hal!

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