I Am the Square that Moves Like a Circle

I am skeleton buildings and pallet furniture I am insulated under armor I am a loophole on repeat I am pinto beans and pineapple rings Consummation of voracious cultural consumption I am a threshold A door frame that presents the Pretty picture of me For the rest of the world to see Because I amContinue reading “I Am the Square that Moves Like a Circle”

Ode to a Piece of String

Such joy and torment can befound in a piece of string Hours of sheer blisspawing at the airmoments of sickening tormentas you pull softlydigit over digit Such power in a piece of string! We can string things togetheror string them alongSomething to never forgetOr never rememberBinding for maintenancepain or pleasure Strung out or strung up?Continue reading “Ode to a Piece of String”