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The Wicked Podcast: Episode 4: Money (podcast)


Night School Presents Breezy
& Crew

Land of God: An Expat Searching for Home

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Wicked Project’s Wicked Thoughts: Isolated Observer

“Wicked Thoughts: Allia Sadeghipour ” is a special opportunity to discover how your favorite artists are being affected, effecting, and making sense of these unique and challenging times. Corona has inevitably prodded at all aspects of our psyche and social architecture, causing us to re-calibrate and refashion our behavior and understanding of selves and society. Each week we will be posting 3 unique performances that delve into the minds of some of your favorite artists, who, through their creativity give voice to these times.

The Wicked Podcast: Episode 3: Colours (podcast)


T.A.N.T.I. Tables. Season 2, Episode 5: Code Switching x Synergizing (podcast)

Wicked Project’s: Concerned Citizens of the Universe
Episode 6: Love-Heart of the Matter (podcast)

This holiday season we bring you stories by The Bear, Berlin’s one-of-a-kind storytelling event. We continue with Allia Sadeghipour’s “Humboldt Holiday,” the tale of a family road trip gone haywire in Northern California.

“Being the oldest of five children I was the first one to leave the family, so for my first year in college, my entire family decided to drive all the way up to Humboldt County to celebrate Christmas with me so I wouldn’t be alone.”

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