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Superheroes of Slam heat 2020: Identity
Prachtwerk Berlin
Evening of the Champs / The Bear’s 50th Show
in cooperation with Goethe Institut, Washington, D.C. and KCRW Berlin

Award-winning storytellers share tales of making interesting mistakes, amazing mistakes, glorious and fantastic mistakes; Breaking rules; Ruining reputations; Leaving the marks of a life well-lived.

Friday, June 19, 2020
20:00  21:30
Multiple Performances: JUNE 11th & JUNE 12th

In light of recent events, I have decided to do a performance with regards to what it means and feels like to be an expat while watching your country from afar. This will be an absolutely wicked performance 😈.

I was born in the United States and lived in Iran when I was little. Then returning to the states, I was bombarded with cultural dichotomies and value systems that conflicted with my childhood experiences. I grew up believing myself to be hated, ugly, and unwelcome in a country I was born in. Trump was elected and I left, no longer recognizing my own country and went searching of a place to call home. I found one and now I watch from afar as my country implodes on itself. I am not sure how to process or where to re-allocate my feelings and perspectives. Diasporas navigate the world in search of connection and community oftentimes realizing that there is no external home. Feeling disconnected and isolated from the world, they turn inward to the home stored in their memories creating an exoskeleton and forever carrying heimat on their backs.

If you do not have Instagram, you can check out the performance via web link:

#takemehomewhereibelong #performanceart #quarantineart #bodyinperform
Sunday, March 8, 2020 at 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Berliner Union Film
Oberlandstrasse 26-35, 12099 Berlin, Germany
EQUIS Festibal de Cine Feminista de Ecuador
Deconstructing Ourselves to Build Characters that Break Boundaries
(Writing Workshop on November 30th, 2019)

Poetry Lab Session #3

Friday 01.04 um 19Uhr @ The.Word.Berlin
2019 Berlin, Germany

“Pain & Pleasure”

(A Collection of Various Poems about Pains and Pleasures)
The Poetic Groove: The Poetic Groove Show 2019
Berlin, Germany

Best Intentions: Drugs&Sex

(A Collection of New Year’s Resolutions as Ravings and Rants)
Whiskey and Words: #Bestintentions 2019
Berlin, Germany

Human Resources: Run by the Muses

(A Collection of Short Stories and Poems)
Whiskey and Words: #HumanResources 2018
Berlin, Germany

Bravery, Courage, and Feminism

(A Collection of Essays and Poems)
Women Writing Berlin Lab Spoken Word Night #1 2018
Berlin, Germany

Diasporic Ausländer

(A Collection of Short Stories and Poems)
Mic Drop #8 2018
Berlin, Germany

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