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EQUIS Festibal de Cine Feminista de Ecuador
Deconstructing Ourselves to Build Characters that Break Boundaries
(Writing Workshop on November 30th, 2019)

Poetry Lab Session #3

Friday 01.04 um 19Uhr @ The.Word.Berlin
2019 Berlin, Germany

“Pain & Pleasure”

(A Collection of Various Poems about Pains and Pleasures)
The Poetic Groove: The Poetic Groove Show 2019
Berlin, Germany

Best Intentions: Drugs&Sex

(A Collection of New Year’s Resolutions as Ravings and Rants)
Whiskey and Words: #Bestintentions 2019
Berlin, Germany

Human Resources: Run by the Muses

(A Collection of Short Stories and Poems)
Whiskey and Words: #HumanResources 2018
Berlin, Germany

Bravery, Courage, and Feminism

(A Collection of Essays and Poems)
Women Writing Berlin Lab Spoken Word Night #1 2018
Berlin, Germany

Diasporic Ausländer

(A Collection of Short Stories and Poems)
Mic Drop #8 2018
Berlin, Germany

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