H-F Psychosis

Why are “You” “Here”?

The most important thing to consider while trying to answer this question is that you are not. “You” is a linguistic construction, a pronoun used to represent “you,” but “you” is just a constructed representation. Can you describe yourself without pronouns? Without “you” and “I”? Without “they” placed between “he” and “she”? Can “you” describe yourself without doing so?

Conclusively, “you” is nothing and only meaningful because others give meaning to “you.” So then, why are “you” here? As a placeholder for the “thing” that, for the sake of argument, we will henceforth refer to as “you.” And where is “here” anyway? Right now, “here” is the patchy grass with the red ant weaving through it carrying the dead fly. “Here” is the small pile of wet dirt clumped to the blanket making love to cat fur. “Here” is the body separated from the naked two linked and laughing. “Here” is not where “you” are, never were, and never will be. Because “you” are not “here.”

Processing Reality




s hard to keep thing

s straight. Wha

t’s the differ

ence between real

ity and sub


ness. Some

times, I can

not tell.



I see things


and wish they would


at a lower


But sometimes,

it doesn’t


at all,

and these are

the times

I am most


Experiment 27 ½:

Rain and Washing Machines

After many experiments, I have officially concluded that, in fact, these are the sounds of the rain and washing machines as best can be represented by human speech!


1. Shlip-Splop

2. Blink-Tink

3. Vavoom

4. Pink-Plink

5. Stop-Slop

6. Crinkle-Crack

Washing Machine

1. Shimy-Shake

2. Sixes

3. Broth

4. Viscous

5. Seepage

6. Worcestershire

Humn Frm ERR

I am happy-sad,

logically angry,

and physiologically confused.

Psychopathic Passive Aggressive Notes to Myself

Two socks, neither are mine.

Your fridge approached me the other day. It was an unwelcome advance.

You conduct an abnormal amount of static electricity. I am quite tired of your electrical current.

Where did you put the key to that memory?

Fuck you brain for phantom pain!

I see that you have failed to follow instructions.

Looking for another state of consciousness again huh? Spin around and think about the taste of purple!

The fridge says hello!

Please do not buy any more journals. You are just provoking her.

You are my legacy.

You are my false god.

White Rabbit

My eyes blinked furiously

as my brain attempted to comprehend the bright presence.

I tried to speak in all tongues,

but I could only emit wails.

My nervous system jolted

as heat coursed through me.

I attempted to escape

the surge of physical spasms,

but I was confined to my form.


my worst fear,

I had been born.

Please Ignore Everything You Have Read Thus Far

My pen,

that bastard,

turned on me again.

Promising prose and poetry

but producing cacophonous chaos.

It frolics freely as I sit shackled in

tumultuous uncertainty.

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