“Concrete Reign” & “If My 3 Sat with Me”
VENUS (Very Empowered Nymphs Uplifting our Sex): Revolution (2019)

Time Touched Lover

Lulled shivers

of post-coitus sighs

from fur quake

exhaling soft rings.

Cellulite stretches and

a mole marked majora

wrinkled smiles

of a stretched perineum

and receding scrotum

curling behind terse

grey hairs.

My time touched lover,

we are orgasms in stillness.

Got published in the Coven Berlin. Be warned!!! This publication and poem are not for the faint of heart. Be sure to check out it HERE!!!

New Year’s Vagilution
(in February)

This year I would like to give my vagina more attention

to awaken my cunt kundalini

majora, minora, and fury

she’s all Venus vagintata

What an asshole!


(No, I’m not talking to you)

Cycle appropriated

IUD installation fee

(Comes with free Wi-Fi. Password: T1T5)

Reiterate school lessons

Don’t touch, don’t look, don’t smell, don’t tempt

I touch and look and smell and tempt

Proud of my homeostasis

A Short Comic about Hairy Turmoil

Vaginal Blossoming

Patchwork Survival

The seams are coming apart

gotta stitch them back up again

patchwork survival

invisible scarification.

Smile Bitch

When your fingers grow callused

from the hard-pressed pencils

When you’re asked to read aloud

and you stumble over the words

When English feels jagged and cuts your tongue

Smile Bitch

When the redneck on the corner calls you

a towel-headed heathen

When the security at the airport searches you

because your last name has too many syllables

and you have to be hiding more somewhere

Smile Bitch

When your knees give out during the mile run

and the class goes on without you

When your white shorts bleed through

When Mama calls you lazy after your backs been broken

When the family says your brother is killer crazy

Smile Bitch

When the world is laughing at you

Just Smile

Smile Bitch Smile

But when your little sister

plays in your footsteps and stumbles

drowning in the laughter of the crowd

when the woman on the subway is shrinking

as the men consume all of her space

When the crying boy on the playground

Gets slapped in the face for not being a β€œman”

When plural pronoun meets singular homophobic aggression



Cuz you see

us bitches

travel in packs

and when one falls,

We all bite.

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