(are you there Roald,

its me Allia?)

no Mr. Teacher not Aliyeh,


(please dont try to say my last name

please dont try to say my last name

please dont try to say my last name)


i dont funny tahk they’re speech is amuzing

i am ameri-can i kome here

(snickering, embarrassing,

i hate talking about myself)

i like Ramones and animels

(turning red please

let me sit down again)

Ifrit & Enki

Flame tongue

lights fires

burning ideas to

rampant ash blowing

in a flurry



itself down the

vacuous pit

swallowing water


fuming funneling fantasies

two smash like

broken glass

pieces of perspectives

combined catastrophes

coalesce in sun bursts

Cyclobenzaprine: (Noun) A muscle relaxant used for muscle spasms or acute injury

Apparently, I have a cute injury
but the diagnosis doesn’t match the damage.
Damaged road ahead.
Scurvy crew working.
What? I didn’t know the city paid for that.

Bunnies on the moon huh?
Then I could never live there because of my
horrendous allergy.
Thanks for the idea Sargent Newt.

What is to be done about unblinking cats?
Perhaps they think I am a magician.
Little dogs have no place in a big dog’s conversation.
Cats don’t even speak their language.

My water is 100% H2O
(Which has been officially disproven by scientists)
fully loaded with electrolytes and
concentrate from Argentina/China.
Am I even drinking water anymore?

The sciatic nerve runs along the lower back
across the gluteus maximus region.
Can one be a fan of bread
but not a fan of Bread, capital B
while still being a fan of Breadfan?

In some cases of Autism,
the patient has an inability to communicate with humans
but can excel in communicating with computers.
Some days,
I would prefer to converse with a computer
rather than with cursory characters.
Hello Hal.
Hallelujah Hal!

Little Square

That little square.

That right there.

That little, itty-bitty square.

Do you see it?

Silly little thing.

Do you see its bruise

as it tries to move?

Do you know why?

Is something recognizable?

The square that moves like a circle.

A circumference it does not have

A mobility it must not have

because it is sharp

and has too many edges

But it is a square.

It must be that and nothing else