The Frog and the Banshee


Engineered energy drinks spilled their sticky acidic citrus onto the ground. The inhalation of the citric fumes caused purple cataracts of chemical intoxication to form across the pupils of the people. The mouths of the crowd unhinged viperous as a cacophony of cheers swirled above their, heads accumulating into a foreboding fog. The billowed haze consumed the energy of the crowd as it formed it’s own teeth and claws. The long talons reached into its own black mass and tore open the void exposing the glowing red eyes of the beast. On stage, swirling smoke took the form of a man. The red eyed beast met his gaze and the man consumed the wretched creature. It soon flowed through his atria and capillaries like a blazing back draft. His body boiled and bloated. Eyes bulging, skin amphibious, his gullet expanded as he released his guttural command, “Abrocken!”

Drumsticks met the tight skin of its beaten mistress as a train spewing smoke and flames emerged and plunged through the crowd. The frog man smiled as maggots and saliva poured out of his mouth, forming a festering pool at his webbed feet. Hoping over to a cage bound in barbed wire and bits of flesh, the frog man’s tongue wrapped around the padlock and with a quick flick released the banshee. A piercing scream filled the theater as the banshee emerged, violet eyes blazing with it’s talisman of power. Raising the six-stringed demon into the air, it screeched and an explosion of chords and pitches hit the crowd like a tidal wave as a young boy hit the cement floor. The boy panicked as boots bombarded his body. Terror flashed across his face as he succumbed to the mob. Blood oozed from his nose as his left eye bulged purple. A panicked father flailed his arms as he tried desperately to dig through the crowd. The frog inhaled deeply preparing for the climactic howl when the ruckus caught his attention. “Hey what the fuck? Are you stupid or something? Pick his ass up!” Like a marionette, the boy was lifted by his limbs and passed over the tops of the crowd onto the stage. The frog wrapped his webbed hands around the bloodied boy grinning a salavic smile, “Sorry kid. These people are fucking animals.”


(Originally submitted to The Destroyer Magazine)

Smile Bitch

When your fingers grow callused

from the hard-pressed pencils

When you’re asked to read aloud

and you stumble over the words

When English feels jagged and cuts your tongue

Smile Bitch

Smile Bitch (1)

When the redneck on the corner calls you

a towel-headed heathen

When the security at the airport searches you

because your last name has too many syllables

and you have to be hiding more somewhere

Smile Bitch

Smile Bitch (1)

When your knees give out during the mile run

and the class goes on without you

When your white shorts bleed through

When Mama calls you lazy after your backs been broken

When the family says your brother is killer crazy

Smile Bitch

Smile Bitch (1)

When the world is laughing at you

Just Smile

Smile Bitch Smile

Smile Bitch (1)

But when your little sister
plays in your footsteps and stumbles

drowning in the laughter of the crowd



Bite Bitch

Bite Bitch

Frightening Snowflakes

Imagine a snowflake. No. A real one. One you held in your hand as a child. A kiss of cold. Yes, exactly. Even if you have never held a snowflake, I’m assuming that you didn’t just sit there blankly. Staring at these words. Thinking of nothing. I’m sure you at least tried to imagine what it would be like, feel like, taste like. Do you see what I made you do there? I just made you an imaginary memory. Maybe I just elicited it. Frightening isn’t it? To believe so much so that these words that are reading these words are your own. But they are not yours. They are mine. Even now, it may sound like you, think like you, even believe to be you. But that voice reading this to you right now, is mine. I control it and I can put anything I want here. Frightening isn’t it?