Ask Me

I once for asking a question in the face slapped.

I once got slapped in the face for asking a question.

.من یک بار برای پرسیدن یک سوال در صورت سیلی

I can’t read the script any longer.

I can the script no longer read.

Don’t ask me to read it.

Poem of the Utmost Importance

I have to say something

I have to tell you something.

I have to show you something.

But you’ll have to follow me to find it.

It’s a secret that I stumbled upon

tripping over one of those annoying repressed memories.

No need to check in your emotional baggage.

You’ll have more when you leave.

Plus, its all free anyway.

Wait, I’m sorry.

Did you have a question?

Ha, how comical that you expect an answer!

That’s the great irony.

That’s what I had to say,





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Why Hello There

It seems that you have stumbled upon this site, for which I have no answer as to why you are here. All I have for you are more questions. Questions upon questions upon questions. So, if you don’t want to think, or you expect some kind of answer, then run little one. Run very quickly away. For this is not the place for you, and you have stumbled into an ever expanding mind with no foreseeable exit.